Data Access Process

The data access process describes all the steps a researcher must go through to get access to the data, from submission of a research project to final approval and completion.

Data Access Process

Step 1

Create an account

Before initiating a request for data access, all researchers must [create a user account](/pub/signup).

Step 2

Complete and submit your access request form

A new data access requests is to be created from the [Data Access](/pub/data-accesses) page. Researchers are encouraged to fill-in a feasibility form to inquire about the relevance of the project and the requirements involved before submitting an application. When researchers are ready to complete and submit an access request, they must fill and submit an application form online and attach all of the required access documentation.

Following the submission of the application form, the data access committee will review it and will communicate with the researcher when any additional information is needed.

Step 3

Track your request

Researchers will be able to track the progress and history of their access request online, by going to the [Data Access](/pub/data-accesses) page and selecting the data access request. The data access request dashboard summarizes the status of the request and any actions that are required from the researcher. A notification will be sent on approval or rejection of the submitted project.

Step 4

Report on project progress

Once the research project has been approved and access to the data is effective, some periodical (yearly) reports can be requested. Some amendments can be added to the original data access request during the progress of the project. A final report will inform the network/study about the scientific achievements and the dissemination of the results of the research project. The information reported will be added to the [Approved Projects](/pub/projects) page.