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EPICE-PT - Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe - Portugal

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Investigators Contacts
  • Henrique Barros
    Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto
  • Henrique Barros
    Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto


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The EPICE-PT cohort received funding from the European Union [EPICE project: Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007–2013, No 259882); SHIPS project: Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, No 633724].


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Study Design

Study design
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Number of very preterm (VPT) and/or very low birthweight (VLBW) births included in cohort (live & still births)
Number of term-born control births included in cohort (live & still births)
Supplementary information about number of participants
974 VPT births were included: 95 terminations of pregnancy; 155 stillbirths; 724 live births (607 infants discharged alive from the hospital). Informed consent for the follow-up evaluations was obtained for 544 infants.

Marker Paper

1. Barros, H., et. al. Effective perinatal intensive care in europe (EPICE): Descrição do Projeto e primeiros resultados em Portugal. Arquivos de Medicina, 28(6), 183-190. 2. Zeitlin J, Maier RF, Cuttini M, Aden U, Boerch K, Gadzinowski J, Jarreau PH, Lebeer J, Norman M, Pedersen P, Petrou S, Pfeil JM, Toome L, van Heijst A, Van Reempts P, Varendi H, Barros H, Draper ES; EPICE and SHIPS Research Group. Cohort Profile: Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe (EPICE) very preterm birth cohort. Int J Epidemiol. 2020 Apr 1;49(2):372-386. doi: 10.1093/ije/dyz270.

PUBMED 32031620
Additional Publications
  • Rodrigues C, Teixeira R, Fonseca MJ, Zeitlin J, Barros H; Portuguese EPICE (Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe) Network. Prevalence and duration of breast milk feeding in very preterm infants: A 3-year follow-up study and a systematic literature review. Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol. 2018 May;32(3):237-246. doi: 10.1111/ppe.12457.
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Selection Criteria
  • Portugal
Geographical Area
Northern Region; Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region.
VPT/VLBW Group Inclusion Criteria
All births (terminations of pregnancy, stillbirths, live births) between 22+0 and 31+6 weeks of gestation. Births occurred between 1st June 2011 and 31st May 2012.
Control Group Inclusion Criteria
VPT/VLBW Group Exclusion Criteria
Control Group Exclusion Criteria
Data Collection Events
# Name Description Start End
0 Perinatal Assessment 2011-06 2012-05
1 1 Year Follow up 2013-01 2013-10
2 2 Year Follow-up 2013-08 2015-04
3 3 Year Follow-up 2014-07 2015-10
4 4 Year Follow-up 2015-10 2016-08
5 5.5 Year Follow-up 2016-09 2018-08
6 7 Year Follow-up 2018-11 2019-08
7 8.5 Year Follow-up 2020-02 2021-05