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ETFOL - Treatment of extremely preterm infants: parents attitudes

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The ETFOL study is a prospective national follow up study of extremely preterm (EPT) babies born in 1994 – 1995 with birth weight below 1000 g or gestational age less than 28 weeks in Denmark.

A cohort of extremely prematurely born children and matched term controls was assessed at 5 years of age. The parents completed a questionnaire on their behavioral and social development. The purpose was to illuminate whether the children's general intellectual ability and parental sensitivity were associated with behavioral and social development.



Investigators Contacts
  • Bo Mølholm Hansen
    Herlev Hospital
  • Bo Mølholm Hansen
    Herlev Hospital


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Access to external researchers or third parties neither provided nor foreseen.

Supplementary Information

Data from the ETFOL cohort can be requested from Rigsarkivet

Study Design

Study design
Number of Data Collection Events
Number of very preterm (VPT) and/or very low birthweight (VLBW) births included in cohort (live & still births)
Supplementary information about number of participants
Of the 477 index children 386 were born <28 completed weeks and 385 were born with a birth weight <1000 g. The control group included 79 children matched on age, sex, parental educational level and area of residence.

Marker Paper

1. Treatment of extremely preterm infants: parents attitudes. / Hansen, Bo Mølholm; Esbjørn, Barbara Hoff; Greisen, Gorm. I: Acta Paediatrica, Vol. 92, 2003, s.

2. Behavioral and social development of children born extremely premature: 5-year follow-up - NCBI Scand J Psychol. 2004 Sep;45(4):285-92. Hoff B, Hansen BM, Munck H, Mortensen EL.

PUBMED 15281917



All infants born in 1994-1995 extremely preterm or at very low birthweight, in Danish Hospitals with a neonatal unit (all 18 units participated).
Selection Criteria
  • Denmark
Geographical Area
All of Denmark
VPT/VLBW Group Inclusion Criteria
Birth year 1994 – 1995, very low birth weight (< 1000g) or very low gestational age (< 28 completed weeks of gestation).
Control Group Inclusion Criteria
Babies born at term – control group.
VPT/VLBW Group Exclusion Criteria
Control Group Exclusion Criteria
Data Collection Events
# Name Description Start End
0 Perinatal Assessment Data were collected prospectively from patient records by the study team using standardised forms and submitted to the project centre at Odense University Hospital. The cohort data was ... 1994 1995
1 5 Month Follow Up At 5 months, information on weight, length/height and hear circumference was obtained from local doctors. 1994 1996
2 12 Month Follow Up At 12 months information on weight, length/height and hear circumference was obtained from local doctors. 1995 1997
3 2 Year Follow Up At 2 years of age, participants underwent a structured clinical examination at outpatient clinics in local pediatric departments. Data were collected about presence of cerebral palsy, epilepsy, ... 1996 1997
4 5 Year Follow Up At 5 years of age, participants were assessed by a physician and a psychologist. A telephone interview with parents was used to collect details of parental education level. Parents also completed ... 1999 2000