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EPICE-PT 2yr Dataset

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EPICE-PT 2yr Dataset

Associated study

Acronym EPICE-PT
Name Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe
Study design Cohort
Number of very preterm (VPT) and/or very low birthweight (VLBW) births included in cohort (live & still births) 974
  • Portugal


EPICE Portugal Cohort

The EPICE-PT cohort comprised all live and still born VPT infants in two regions of Portugal. All public maternity and neonatal intensive care units in Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region (8 units) and Northern Region (9 units), plus 3 private units within the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region were included. Units with 10 or more admissions of very preterm newborns, in the first 48 hours postpartum were eligible to take part in the study.

Data Collection Event

2 Year Follow Up

EPICE participants were followed up at 2 years of age via a postal questionnaire completed by parents. This follow up involved all EPICE regions.

Data were collected on neurodevelopment including the PARCA-R questionnaire (or Ages and stages Questionnaire 24 month version (ASQ 24) in France) supplemented with additional questions on walking, feeding, sight and hearing. Parents also completed a questionnaire on the health of the participant, healthcare resource utilisation, additional help and follow up care received. Height, weight and head circumference were based on the latest measurements recorded by a health professional in the child's health record book. Additionally, details on breastfeeding, living arrangements, family structure, childcare and socioeconomic status and demographic information were collected.