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EFGR Harmonized Dataset

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EFGR Harmonized Dataset

Associated study

Acronym EFGR in very preterm infants
Name Extreme Fetal Growth Restriction in very preterm infants


EFGR Population

All very preterm (VPT) singleton births (live, stillbirths and terminations, where possible) from 22+0 to 31+6 weeks of gestation with very severe fetal growth restriction; these births will be compared with VPT births with less severe growth restriction and VPT births without growth restriction. We will exclude multiples and infants with severe congenital anomalies (also, if possible, fetal infections such as rubella, CMV).

Studies Included

Individual Studies

Study Population Data Collection Event Participants Countries
ACTION ACTION Cohort Perinatal Assessment 2493 Italy
EPICE-PT EPICE Portugal Cohort Perinatal Assessment 974 Portugal


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  Complete: the study assessment item(s) (e.g. survey question, physical measure, biochemical measure) allow construction of the variable as defined in the dataset.
  Impossible: there is no information or insufficient information collected by this study to allow the construction of the variable as defined in the dataset.
  Undetermined: the harmonisation potential of this variable has not yet been evaluated.