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EPT Child Cognitive Harmonised Dataset

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Acronym WP7 Harmonised child cohort data
Name A comparative analysis of extremely preterm birth cohorts in Europe participating in the RECAP consortium


EPT RECAP Population

Studies Included

Individual Studies

Study Population Data Collection Event Participants Countries
UA_EPIBEL UA EPIBEL Cohort 11-15 Year Follow Up 525 Belgium
EST 2002-2003 EST 2002-2003 Cohort 5 Year Follow Up 80 Estonia
EPIPAGE 2 EPIPAGE 2 Cohort 1 Year Follow up 5170 France
EST 2007-2008 EST 2007-2008 Cohort 5 Year Follow Up 360 Estonia
ACTION ACTION Cohort 2 Year Follow Up 2493 Italy


Click on each status icon to get more details on the corresponding harmonisation results:

  Complete: the study assessment item(s) (e.g. survey question, physical measure, biochemical measure) allow construction of the variable as defined in the dataset.
  Partial: the study assessment item(s) allow construction of the variable as defined in the dataset but with some information loss. See comments section for each harmonised variable for information about reason for partial classification to assess whether it is appropriate to use this variable in a study.
  Impossible: there is no information or insufficient information collected by this study to allow the construction of the variable as defined in the dataset.
  Undetermined: the harmonisation potential of this variable has not yet been evaluated.
Variable UA_EPIBEL EST 2002-2003 EPIPAGE 2 EST 2007-2008 ACTION