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REsearch on Children and Adults born Preterm

REsearch on Children and Adults born Preterm

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Individual Studies

Acronym Name Study design Participants Countries
ACTION Accesso alle Cure e Terapie Intensive Ostetrico Neonatali (Access to Obstetrical and Neonatal Intensive Care) Cohort 2,493 Italy
AYLS Arvo Ylppö Longitudinal Study Cohort 1,535 Finland
BEST/BLS Bavarian Longitudinal Study Cohort Cohort 682 Germany
UA_EPIBEL Antwerp University EPIBEL Cohort 525 Belgium
EPICure EPICure Cohort 4,004 United Kingdom , Ireland
EPICure 2 EPICure 2 Cohort 3,133 United Kingdom
EPIPAGE 1 Étude épidémiologique sur les petits âges gestationnels Cohort 3,581 France
EPIPAGE 2 Étude épidémiologique sur les petits âges gestationnels Cohort 5,170 France
EST 2002-2003 EST 2002-2003 ELBWI, <29GW at 5y Cohort 80 Estonia
EST 2007-2008 Very low gestational age infants born in Estonia in 2007-2008 Cohort 360 Estonia
ESTER Preterm Birth and Early Life Programming of Adult Health and Disease Cohort 397 Finland
ETFOL Treatment of extremely preterm infants: parents attitudes Cohort 477 Denmark
EXPRESS Extremely Preterm Infants in Sweden Study Cohort 1,011 Sweden
HeSVA Helsinki Study of Very Low Birth Weight Adults Cohort 335 Finland
NTNU LBW Life NTNU Low Birth Weight in a Lifetime Perspective Study Cohort 121 Norway
PEP Project Extreme Prematurity Cohort 636 Norway
POPS Project On Preterm and Small for gestational age infants Cohort 1,336 Netherlands
EPICE Effective Perinatal Intensive Care In Europe Cohort 10,329 Belgium , Denmark , Estonia , France , Germany , Italy , Netherlands , Portugal , United Kingdom , Sweden , Poland
EPICE-PT Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe - Portugal Cohort 974 Portugal
GNN German Neonatal Network Cohort 15,825 Germany
PIPARI Development and Functioning of Very Low Birth Weight Infants from Infancy to School Age Cohort 255 Finland
RECAP-Registers RECAP Preterm Nordic Registers Other 100,000 Norway , Denmark , Sweden , Finland
DNBC Danish National Birth Cohort / Better Health in Generations Cohort 96,834 Denmark
HAPP-e Health of Adult People born Preterm – an e-cohort study Cohort

Harmonisation Studies

Acronym Name
EFGR in very preterm infants Extreme Fetal Growth Restriction in very preterm infants
WP7 Harmonised child cohort data A comparative analysis of extremely preterm birth cohorts in Europe participating in the RECAP consortium